Are you an avid birder, researcher, or anyone interested in birding, but yet planning to spend less? any way you need it, we make your birding safari possible! don’t worry because our budget birding safari has got your needs covered. You will visit the different destinations across the continent of Africa filled with over 2000 bird species both migratory and those that are endemic to respective destinations. They are found residing in diverse bio diversities, including open savanna, mountainous plains, ramsar sites, wetlands, rivers and lakes and so much more. Africa is home to approximately 50% of total bird population in the entire world, with Uganda hosting over 1057 species including the sought after shoebill stork, while other birding destinations include Kenya, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zanzibar, and Tanzania also coming with equally a large amount of bird species.

Therefore, how does the idea of budget safari work when all prices seem to be fixed and all destinations seem to be presenting the same experience for its visitors? Firstly, you need to appreciate the fact that birding is one of the most interesting activities that only a hand full of people engage in due to either ignorance of the many rewards brought by these safaris or lack of sufficient knowledge of where to have the unforgettable experience from. You will visit several national parks, game reserves, rivers, and swamps in quest for both the endemic and migratory bird species such as flamingoes, Guinea fowls, grew crowned cranes, Rwenzori Turaco, Egyptian geese, the rare shoebill stock, broad warbler, Ruppell’s griffon, Marsha tchagra, vultures and much more; Studying their unique behaviors, body size, colors, sounds, and feeding plus taking photos, and some notes about these fascinating creatures.