The Democratic Republic of Congo is an ideal destination for gorilla trekking in the entire world; and unlike its counterparts Uganda and Rwanda, D.R. Congo has both the low land Gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega national park and the sought after endangered mountain gorillas residing in the Virunga national park and open for Tracking by primate lovers from all over the world. Gorillas are human’s closest relatives sharing 95%of the DNA with humans though living in the wild. These Apes live in groups called troops or families headed by a strong male known as a silverback who is in charge of instilling discipline in the group as well as leading the team when they are shifting from one territory to another, as they do every day. They have human-like Behaviors and way of living as seen when they play, feed and the female mothers nurse their young ones.

Some of the requirements you will need while having a budget Gorilla safari in Congo is a passport, Visa, yellow fever vaccine and medical reports. These can be attained at very cheaper costs online or upon landing in Rwanda, as long as you contact us, these can be arranged in time. Personal requirements include a camera for photography, warm clothes for warmth in case of any coldness, binoculars to view far objects, and good hiking boots among others. Congo is the cheapest destination when it comes to Gorilla trekking, the permit goes for up to only 400usd as opposed to other destinations such as Uganda that charges 700usd and Rwanda for 1500usd per person. Note that only eight people are allowed to engage in Gorilla trekking per day per family while paying attention to some of the rules and regulations set in the parks such as no littering, noise, looking at the Apes direct on their eyes, using flash cameras and paying attention to the 7metre distance while in the park.