Budget safaris entail traveling to different destinations for different reasons while keeping the budget as low as possible and maximizing your fun and experience. As such, you will sacrifice some comfort of luxury hotels, vehicles, and activities for budget customized options of accommodation, transportation, and activities in the country. Tanzania is an amalgamation of what nature has to offer, it is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east, Uganda to the north, Kenya to the northeast, Mozambique to the south and Zambia to the southwest among others; this alone should give you some insight into the beauty of this amazing country.

Offering asylum to all the big 5 (Lions, Buffaloes, Leopard, elephants and the Rhinos), and with a mixture of four top destinations in the world, namely, Mountain Kilimanjaro which is the tallest mountain in Africa, Serengeti national park that hosts the annual wildebeest migration from June to September in search for water and food in Maasai Mara National Park In Kenya, Ngorongoro crater which is one of the most iconic features in the worlds natural wonders, and Zanzibar, a historical destination with a lot to offer its tourists in terms of beach tours, ancient architecture and spice plantations among others. What an unforgettable country and experiences! Reducing costs while having fun and enjoying the safari experience is our aim, yes it is possible when you follow a few tips shared by our expert teams, right from transportation, accommodation and many more.