20 Days Explore Uganda Safari

20 Days Explore Uganda Safari

Enjoy your twenty days of ultimate adventure in Uganda (the pearl of Africa), gifted by nature, with a wide range of flora and fauna, geographical and historical features, good security and a wonderful climate.

The trip takes you to eight of the ten national parks in the country, Lake Bunyonyi (Africa’s deepest Lake), the source of river Nile which is the longest river on earth and flows for three months to the Mediterranean Sea, enjoy the scenic views and fill up your camera with amazing photos for your website or sweet memories.

You will engage in city tours, site seeing, Boat cruise, nature walk, photography, cultural encounter, white water rafting, relaxation, and game drive among others.

Detailed Safari

Day 1: Pickup and city tour

Basing on the agreement, our expert company representative will warmly welcome you for the 20 days rewarding experience, which is composed of nothing but fun, adventure, and discoveries. It all begins with a briefing session when he tells you all you have to know during the safari before the commencement of the Journey.

After the briefing, have lunch before the driver guide will take you around the city as you exchange your currency, visit the independence monument, Museum and then the local markets where you will buy some of the essential items needed for the trip. When all need, proceed to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 2:  Depart Kampala and explore Jinja

Start your day with a cup of coffee, then check out of the lodge for a 2-3-hour drive to Jinja, home to the source of the Nile, Itanda falls, and many sugar plantations, crossing the Mabira forest (one of the oldest natural forests), and the magical Nile bridge. Upon arrival, you will be head to see the Itanda falls, where you can join the kayaking boys fighting the rapids during few hours of white water rafting, it might seem scary but very memorable.

Return for Lunch at the source of the Nile after which you will get to a boat that will take you to the very point where the Nile, which doubles as the longest river on earth, starts its three months’ movement to the Mediterranean Sea, yet feeding several countries that include Egypt, South Sudan, Sudan, among others. Enjoy photo moments at the Nile, and with the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi whose ashes were buried here. Sum up the day’s activities with dinner and overnight at your lodge

Day 3: Depart jinja for Mount Elgon national park and undertake nature walk

After breakfast, check out of the lodge and start a 3-4-hour journey to the eastern part of Uganda, where you will start your first game viewing and sightseeing, the journey passes through some dramatic sights of sugar cane, trees, rice plantations and amazing views of the rolling hills. Upon arriving at Mbale, have Lunch after which you can choose to have a guided walk at the park or visit the nearby coffee plantations where the locals take you through how they grow and process coffee before you return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Hike Mount Elgon and Sipi falls

Enjoy the first meal of the day, before heading to the park’s headquarters for an early morning briefing on some simple basics of mountain Hiking. Climbing mountain Elgon is relatively simple and very rewarding as compared to many of the Mountains in Africa; it is famous for its magnificent caldera.

There are numerous trailheads, but for today, you will take the Sippi trail, that passes through some thick bamboo trees, with some primates such as monkeys playing, feeding and having fun, as well as exposing you to some homesteads and coffee plantations.

The 5-6-hour trekking will end with a picnic lunch before proceeding to Sipi falls, to witness the fascinatinating three falls, combining their efforts to produce a rhythm of a thundering sound. Spend the evening at the falls, having fun, taking photos, watching the sunset and relaxing as you wait to return to your lodge for dinner and overnight

Day 5: Depart Sipi falls for Kidepo valley national park

After breakfast, you will check out of the lodge and start a 9-10-hour drive on mostly a maram road though later a tarmac supped up by maram to kidepo valley national park, first, having a stopover at Nyero rock painting in Kumi district where you will be amazed by the unrevealed artwork and words written by the Stone Age natives who first occupied the place.

Thereafter, proceed with the Journey while expecting a Lunch stopover, having a remarkable view of the Karamoja people who tend to move half-naked with their cattle, donkeys or sheep, and locally grass-thatched homesteads, and eye-catching rocks. Arrive at the park in the evening, have dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Morning Game Drive and cultural encounter with the Karamojong

Start your day with a cup of coffee before heading to Apoka viewing point to have a feel of watching the different mammals wake up from their deep slumber, as well as the entire Narus valley. Have breakfast, then start your game drive experience, following the Narus valley, with a very eye-catching savanna plantation, hosting several mammals such as antelopes, lions, leopards, buffalos, zebras, elephants, and many more, birds such the guinea fowls, lover birds, and ostriches, primates such as the vervet monkeys of which you have the chance of seeing on a good day.

Don’t forget that these creatures are in the wild so they move and no one makes an appointment with them and for this reason, it calls for luck to spot the cats, either hunting or resting.

After the 3-4 hour exercise, return to the lodge for lunch before visiting the neighboring community to witness how the Karamojong herdsmen live their life, listen to some ancient stories and join them in their local dance after which you can buy some local souvenir s before returning to the lodge for dinner and overnight

Day 7: Depart Kidepo valley national park for Murchison falls national park

Coffee gives you the synergy to run down the day, keep sober to watch the different geographical features, rolling hills and evergreen plantations as you are on a 5-6-hour drive to Murchison falls national park, home to the most powerful waterfalls on earth.

Day 8: Morning Game Drive and afternoon Boat cruise to the Bottom of the falls

Rise early in the morning, pack your breakfast, camera, binoculars, and umbrella and set off for a 3-4-hour game viewing exercise that exposes you to different mammals such as buffalos, warthogs, elephants, lions, and leopards if you are very lucky, plus the giraffes stretching their necks to pose for your camera. Enjoy bush breakfast or return to the lodge for a more leisurely breakfast.

In the afternoon, assemble at Paraa jetty to embark on a 2pm boat cruise that takes you through the rich Victoria Nile shores filled with birds, aquatic life like crocodiles, Hippos and several mammal species that throng the banks of the river to quench their thirst like waterbucks, buffaloes, elephants, etc.

Day 9: Drive to Top of the falls and transfer to Kibale Forest national park

Early in the morning, you will have a hefty cup of coffee before checking out of the lodge for a 7-8-hour drive to Kibale forest national park in Fort Portal district, home to over 13 unique primate species such as chimpanzees, Columbus monkeys, and baboons, however, you will begin with a cup of coffee then drive to the top of Murchison falls, where you get exposed to the ultimate experience of watching the rapids fold on each other, take photos and watch rainbow if it appears. When you reach the devil’s cauldron, don’t be shy to ask why that name because it will truly excite you.

Day 10: Chimpanzee trekking and Visiting Bigodi swamp

Start your day with a cup of coffee early in the morning before heading out for pre-trekking briefing in the park’s headquarters guided by an expert park ranger who will later guide you to the Jungle, where the whooping, and singing sounds of the primates cover up the ecosystem and trigger the energy in you that after trekking for approximately 3-4 hours, the effort is perfectly rewarded.

With over 13 primate species in the park, expect to spot the majority of them if not all, such as the chimps, Columbus monkeys, vervet monkeys, and baboons among others before having lunch.

After lunch, take a drive to one of the Ramsar sites in Uganda, Bigodi swamp, home to several bird species and other primates that have chosen not to stay in the forest. You will take approximately two hours to adventure the swamp, spotting the birds requesting for some food and the locals carrying on with their activities. This is summarized with dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 11: Drive to Semuliki National park and a walk to the Hot springs

After waking up from the bed, enjoy a cup of coffee before checking out of the lodge for a 3-4 hour drive to Semuliki national park, not so known by many but very rewarding, the journey is covered by an exciting view of the local homesteads, an eye-catching backdrop of the snow-capped Mountain of the moon, and vegetation.

You will arrive in during lunchtime when you will proceed for your Lunch meal before a walk to the sempaya hot springs that give you a clear view of the magical Female Hot springs that produce its hot water to an average temperature when one can boil an egg or banana to a point. of getting ready for eating Thereafter, take photos before heading to the lodge for dinner and overnight

Day 12: Morning Game Drive and shoe Bill viewing on L. Albert

After breakfast, you will have a morning game drive experience that will give you a chance of spotting both the small and big mammals roaming around the wilderness of Semuliki national park, some of the mammals you should expect to see include the elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, Hyenas, lions, mongoose and many more.

Get back to the lodge for lunch and refreshment after which you will have a boat ride to a famous spot for sighting a shoebill stock, a loved bird that is desired by millions of Ugandans worldwide, not only this, you will get the opportunity of watching other mammals, primates and aquatic life while having this evening experience can be concluded with a night drive then dinner and overnight.

Day 13: Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park and Nature walk

 kick start the morning with a cup of coffee, after which you will have a 3-4-hour exciting drive to Queen Elizabeth national park (the medley of wonders), situated a few kilometers at the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro. This is a journey that will keep you watching and smiling at the beautiful views of geographical features, Rwenzori mountains and the Basongola long-horned cattle and more.

Arrive at the park during lunch time and proceed for a mouth-watering meal after which you will refresh before going for a guided nature walk that gives you clear views of several tree species, bird species and beautiful photographic spots for you to have unforgettable photos before returning for dinner and overnight.

Day 14: Morning Game Drive and afternoon Boat Cruise

Start your day with a cup of coffee before heading out for a rewarding morning game drive in the wilderness composed of savannah grassland, and several tree species harboring both the prey and predators that roam freely yet very attentive to sound and any attack, while others such as the giant elephants reluctantly graze. Uganda kobs, giraffes, Buffaloes, and other antelopes are some of the mammals that you have to expect during the 3-4-hour game drive experience.

In the afternoon, you will head out for a boat ride experience at Kazinga channel that is a host to a very large school of Hippos, crocodiles, several bird species and mammals that come to bathe and drink water.

The sailing session takes approximately 2 hours, as you take photos and enjoy the sail above the large water body before you drive back to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 15: Drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, via Ishasha sector.

Coffee will be the first meal of the day, as you plant your eyes on the beautiful sunrise, and the calm serene, covered by nothing but unique tree species and a wide range of birds flying from one region to another. Check out of the lodge and embark on an amazingly scenic drive to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park where you will engage in Mountain Gorilla tracking the next day.

Have a stop at the ishasha sector where you will have the opportunity of spotting the tree-climbing lions, either down or resting on top of the tree branches, enjoy your lunch here, before proceeding for dinner and overnight at your lodge.

Day 16: Mountain Gorilla Trekking and Cultural encounter

Breakfast first, before going for a pre – trekking briefing session at the sector’s ranger station where an expert guide will take you through what to do during the tracking session, before escorting you to the Jungle where the echoes, and sights and sounds of several primates, and bird species fill up the air.

Though the tracking session takes a proximately 1-6hours, and a little strenuous, the birds, unique tree species and primates you encounter on the way will keep you moving and excited, till the point when you will find the gentle giants interacting with each other, mothers nursing their young ones, and many more adventure, one hour will be yours to watch the creatures before having Lunch.

In the afternoon, get to travel to the neighboring Batwa pygmies, who will take you through thrilling performances, stories and showing you a few caves with a significant history of their culture. Then after the entire fun, get back to the lodge for dinner and overnight

Day 17: Transfer from Bwindi to Lake Bunyonyi

This is a day that you will go and relax in a completely calm environment, so secure, noise-free and historical, the deepest lake in Africa, surrounded by over 27 islands. The 3-4-hour drive to Lake Bunyonyi (second Switzerland in Africa) will commence immediately after breakfast arriving at the destination in the afternoon, ready for lunch after which you will go for canoeing whereby an expert guide will show you different islands and narrate to you their historical significance. Close the day with dinner and overnight.

Day 18: Explore Lake Bunyonyi and transfer to Lake Mburo National park

Early in the morning, you will have Breakfast, and then visit the Punishment Island while on a canoe, before returning to for Lunch and proceeding to Lake Mburo national park. The punishment island was originally used as a disciplinary area for the young girls and boys who refused to abstain and engaged in premarital sex as well as incest. The Journey lasts for approximately 5-6 hours while having an exciting view of the local homesteads, the Ankole longhorn cows and plateaus among others.

Day 19: Morning Game Drive and Afternoon Boat cruise

As you wake up, pick up your camera for photography, binoculars for watching distant creatures and head out for a very rewarding game drive exercise that gives you an opportunity of watching the eland antelopes, Uganda kobs, Buffalos, Impalas and many more mammals grazing, including birds and unique tree species at the park. You will enjoy bush breakfast before getting back for Lunch.

After lunch and refreshment, get to the lake for a boat cruise experience that lasts for approximately 2-3hours, with good views of crocodiles, Hippos and several birds and mammals by the lakeshore, concluded with dinner and overnight.

Day 20: Cycling and departure to either Entebbe or Kampala.

This is your last day of the 20 days’ safari in Uganda, so have a simple cycling experience with a group of friends and experts who will guide you on the routes to use. Thereafter, get back to the lodge for late breakfast, before embarking on a 5-6 hour drive to either Kampala or Entebbe with a stop at the equator where you will watch the magical demonstrations. Take photos and lunch before preceding to end your exciting Journey in Entebbe / Kampala.

End of the trip