1 Day Kampala City Tour

City Tours in Uganda

Uganda (the pearl of Africa) is a country gifted by nature, with stunning features, vast natural adornment, amazing history, rich cultural diversity, and lush beauty, with rolling panorama staggering from one region to another. She is gifted with one of the most conducive climates that have left most of her visitors desiring to make return journeys.

The beauty of Entebbe town, the undiscovered reptile village, beautiful beaches along Lake Victoria, and many more is the start of your story, so no need of much free time as you wait for the next day’s activities.

Uganda is a landlocked country bordered by Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan, with many unique features that must not be missed by all visitors such as the most powerful waterfalls, source of the longest river on earth – River Nile, wide population of primates including the chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys and Gorillas, and a beautiful city among others.

Among the various vacation options Uganda presents to the world, Budget city tours are one to look out for around the beautiful city of Kampala and other major towns like Entebbe and Jinja.

The cities’ classic accommodations, good climate, safety, security and good transportation systems, this safari takes you through the different attractions, both natural and artificial, historical sites, amusement parks and many more while facilitating sightseeing, nightlife, cultural exhibition, romantic honeymoon and student research at a very pocket-friendly cost.

Here are some of the Tips;

To begin with, there are so many Budget accommodations around town, let’s say hotels, lodges, inns and guest houses that charge costs as low as 20usd per night to 100usd, yet located in very good locations and out of the noise.

Use the cheapest available transportation means such as the motorcycles (Boda Bodas) that charge as low as 1 USD for places around the city, they are very fast and knowledgeable about all the corners of the city, as you tell them, so will they ride you to the exact point you are going to. Interestingly, finding a public taxi to the destination around town is so easy in that you can stop them or find them at their packing points.

Here are some of the budget safaris around this amazing city of Kampala; starting with the annual June 3rd Uganda martyr’s celebrations that takes place in Namugongo shrines in remembrance of the innocent Catholics and protestants who were killed for their faith. Driving to Namugongo will only cost you approximately 5000-10000ugx depending on the means of transport you choose to use.

Uganda Museum

Uganda museum is situated in kamwokya, approximately 10 kilometers from the city centre, an exhibition hub for Uganda’s natural-historical and composition of Uganda’s traditional life and cultural inheritance, ethnology, among others.

It was established and founded in 1908 when governor George Wilson requested for all articles of Uganda’s history. Adults are charged up to 5000Shs, 3000 for non-student children and 1000UGX for students with school identity cards; isn’t it cheaper and more fun?

Owino market tour

This is one of the busiest markets in Kampala city Uganda, it is a place that all people around know, a market that tests your gift in bargaining and being patient because traders intentionally increase prices to gain a lot of profit by the end of the day.

It is located besides the nakivubo stadium a few kilometers from the new taxi park. There all sorts of goods sold here especially second shoes, second hand clothes from Europe and Asia, and vegetables for all travelers to have a share on.

Baha’i temple

Trip to Baha’i temple is equally cheap and rewards you with the views of very cool, serene and a huge temple that has been in existence for over 50cyears and the only one in Africa. It is a prayer alter for the Baha’i faith in Uganda, and Baha’i visitors in Uganda.

The temple is located in Kisaasi, a few minutes’ drive from the city center while passing through a very vibrant Kalerwe market which is purposely used for selling vegetables and greens by the natives.

Craft market tours

This is a must-visit for all visitors new to the country. Located in the central business district, it is very cheap to access it, costing less than 1 dollar from city square. The craft village is situated behind the national theater and has shops that deal in original Ugandan souvenirs, African art, and crafts, small thickets, and woodcarvings around the country.

Kabaka’s palace

For all scholars, you will appreciate the contribution of the Buganda kingdom to Uganda and the Europeans who colonized the country up to 1962. Visiting the place gives you an insight into the peculiar history of Uganda and the Baganda People, because this is the royal home for all the kings of Buganda, which has been functioning since 1885 when king Mwanga II established it after inheriting the throne from his father, king Mwanga I in 1884.

Also, tourists get a chance of viewing Kabaka’s man-made lake that cannot be found anywhere else around East Africa.

Gadhafi Mosque

Gadhafi mosque is Uganda’s largest place of prayer for the Islamic faith. It was constructed by the Late Libyan president, muammar Gadhafi who gave it as an offer to the Islamic Faith in Uganda.

It is a very large building that accommodates thousands of worshippers from across the country and the region. Visiting it gives you an insight of the Islamic faith.

Kasubi tombs

When it comes to the history of Uganda no one goes without mentioning the name Kasubi tombs. It is a significant spiritual and political site for Baganda people as well as a mark of traditional art.

Three Baganda kings have been buried here and all tourists come and listen to the amazing history that surround this site. It is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from the city center and very cheap in terms of entrance fees.

Independence monument

Tourists are taken to visit the independence monuments located in the heart of the city, and the guide will take you through the history of Uganda, telling you how Edward Mutesa II became a great player in the independence of the country.

City tours are the next big deal in Uganda since Kampala city and other cities have a lot to offer even to people who have come to do window shopping/

Don’t fail to have a bite of Ugandan Rolex that goes for as less as 1000ugx – a mixture of eggs, cabbage, onions and chapatti.