25 Days Grand Uganda Holiday

25 Days Grand Uganda Holiday

Uganda, the pearl of Africa is practically the best destination to visit, gifted by nature and located in East Africa with excellent accommodation facilities, friendly people, exciting geographical features, wonderful climate, and rewarding routes to the different destinations.

Let your imaginations and thoughts be translated into reality as you step your feet to Uganda for the 25 days’ adventure. Be it discovering the treasures hidden in Kampala city, Hiking the different mountains and rocks, spotting the shoebill at Murchison falls national park, chimpanzee tracking at Kibale forest, tree-climbing lions at the Ishasha sector, Mountain Gorillas at Bwindi impenetrable forest, golden monkeys at Mgahinga Gorilla national park, Mysterious Sempaya Hot springs at Semuliki national park, scenic savanna grassland of Kidepo valley, three-horned chameleons in the snow-capped mount Rwenzori, exciting cultural experience with Batwa pygmies, Impalas at Lake Mburo National Park, the powerful waterfalls of Murchison falls national park, source of the Nile, you have it all, and no doubt that the experience will be unforgettable.

Detailed safari

Day 1: Pickup and city tour

As you arrive at Entebbe international airport, our expert company representative will be glad to meet and welcome you for the 25 days’ safari around Uganda. He will brief you on whatever thing you should know concerning the Trip and the country as you sip a glass of Juice. Incase time permits; the guide will drive you around the city, showing you some of the Historical, physical and Natural wonders, not forgetting exchanging your money into Ugandan currency.

The tour takes you to the Independent monument to know how Uganda attained its independence, Uganda Museum to show you some of the ethnological and Historical symbols of the country, head to Baha’i temple which is the central prayer point in Africa, Visit the local markets to buy some of the items you need for the trip before going for some refreshment followed by dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Drive to Jinja and Visit the Source of River Nile

In the morning, you will start your day with a cup of coffee before packing all your belongings and checking out of the hotel for a 2-3-hour drive to Jinja, home to the source of R. Nile which doubles as the longest river on earth, running for three months to pour its water in the Mediterranean Sea after crossing several countries including Egypt.

The Journey passes through a smooth tarmac road that gives you a scenic view of Mabira forest, locals selling roasted chicken and Bananas (Gonjja) that you are free to purchase because they are very tasty. You will be amazed at the magical Jinja Bridge, suspended above the water using poles though no one is allowed to take photos.

Arrive at River Nile during Lunchtime, enjoy a mouth-watering meal before boarding a boat that will take you to the point that is believed to be the source of the Nile, where it starts its three months’ voyage to the Mediterranean Sea. Have photo moments at the green gardens and with the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi before you drive to your lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Visit Itanda Falls and transfer to Mbale

After breakfast, you will drive to Itanda falls, to watch or participate in white water rafting that lasts for a proximately 1-2 hours, as the young boys try their best to face and beat the water rapids, the shouts and imaginations developed as the boat moves down as though capsizing yet very steady is magical.

It looks so horrifying but upon leaving the water, the story you derive from it is very real and unforgettable, it is beyond watching a fairytale episode on your television or phone.

Return for an early lunch after which you will check out of the lodge and embark on a 3-4-hour scenic drive to Mount Elgon National park, meanwhile, you will cross both sugarcane, tea and rice plantations. Hills before arriving at your accommodation for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Hike Mount Elgon National Park and Sipi falls tour

With the second largest a caldera in East Africa, Mount Elgon national park is a place not to miss out, as it gives you an opportunity of hiking the mountain and the three waterfalls situated at its base in Sipi.

The hike follows a heavy breakfast meal and a briefing session at the park’s headquarters by the experts who will tell you what it takes to hike the mountain. Thereafter, kick-start the 4-5 hour walk that gives you an opportunity of spotting some coffee plantations, caves, local homesteads, primates, and unique bird species in and around the park.

Have a lunch stopover before proceeding to watch the thundering three waterfalls of Sipi. An ideal destination for photography, relaxation and scenic viewing.

Day 5: Morning game drive and depart Mount Elgon National park for Pian-Upe Game Reserve

Start your day with a cup of coffee followed by a rewarding 3-4-hour morning game drive that will expose you to not so many but few mammals such as elephants, Antelopes, buffalos and many more, plus several birds, and tree species.

Return to the lodge and checkout for the 6-7-hour drive with a 30 minutes’ stopover at Nyero rock painting where you will get amazed by the artistic skills possessed by the ancient people who designed the rock to the extent that no one can explain what they see but to smile at it, have dinner and proceed to the park, arriving late in the evening for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Morning and Evening Game Drives in Pian-Upe game drive

Brighten up your morning with a cup of coffee before heading out for 3-4 morning game drive in Uganda’s second-largest game reserve, hosting a good selection of plants, bird species, and mammals such giraffes, several antelope species, Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, Elephants, warthogs among others roaming freely at the savannah grassland.

After enjoying lunch, you will refresh a bit then drive to the nearby community of the Karamojong people, who are herds men from time memorial and have preserved their culture of depending on cattle for almost everything and supplemented by small agriculture for decades.

They engage visitors in local dances, show casing local herding tools and telling you sweet stories before your return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Depart Pian-Upe Game reserve for Kidepo valley National park and visit Kanangorok hot springs

Breakfast fast before checking out of the lodge and embarking on a 4-5-hour scenic drive to Kidepo forest national park, (true African wilderness) with 4 of the 5 big mammals roaming freely at the park.

You will get amazed by the Karamojong who are either naked or half-naked by the roadside, with their cattle or from fetching water/ firewood, or even playing, as you progress with the Journey, watching the scattered homesteads, the hilly rocks and fascinating rolling valleys spread across the roads.

You will have lunch upon reaching the park, then head out to watch Kanangorok hot springs, a few kilometers from Kidepo valley national park. Get excited by the beautiful views and take a few snaps before returning to the park for dinner and overnight

Day 8: Morning game drive and afternoon cultural encounter

Get your day started with breakfast before driving to Narus valley where a rewarding 4-hours’ game viewing experience will take place, an opportunity to grab the sight of prey and predators roaming around the charming savanna grassland and the uncommon tree species thriving in the wilderness.

Despite the Antelopes, buffaloes, elephants, Zebras, warthogs and others, good luck can come your way and you spot lions, and leopards in an action of hunting or resting or even spotting an ostrich.

Drive back to the lodge for lunch after which you will go for a 2-hour cultural experience with the Karamojong people who will excite you with their cultural historical stories, architectures, dances and even some few souvenirs for you to take home, such as the seating stools, jewelry, and the dresses. Follow this with dinner and overnight.

Day 9: Drive to Murchison Falls national park

After breakfast, check out of the Lodge and let the 6-7-hour journey to Murchison falls national park begins, passing through the tarmac road with a very scenic view of plantations, homesteads and rolling hills.

You will have a lunch stop, after which you proceed to the park, arriving late in the evening ready for dinner and overnight as you wait for the next day’s activities

Day 10: Morning game drive and afternoon boat cruise

Early in the morning, pack your binoculars for grabbing distant creatures, an umbrella to protect you from rain and scorching sun, camera for photography and breakfast, then drive to the wilderness for a rewarding 3-4 hour game viewing opportunity in the northern sector of the park with not only amazing savanna grassland, rare tree species such as the whistling acacia, unique bird species such as the shoebill, crested cranes, Guinea fowls, among others, but also mammals such as lions and leopards if you have the good luck to encounter any hunting or resting,  yet with a sure deal of finding buffaloes, antelopes, giraffes, and warthogs roaming around the park.

Enjoy bush breakfast under a secure shade as you wait to have lunch followed by a boat cruise to the bottom of the waterfalls where you will listen to the thundering waterfalls as it rolls down to the Nile. Also, the unforgettable site of hippos, Nile crocodiles, Egyptian geese and many more will never fade as you to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 11: Drive to top of the falls and Transfer to Kibale Forest National Park

Wake up in the morning, and start your day brightly with a cup of coffee before heading out to the exit of the park. You will have a morning drive to the top of Murchison falls where you will get the chance of coming closer to the most powerful waterfall on earth, take some memorable photos and move towards the rainbow thus enabling you to understand the real colors that a rainbow has.

Afterwards, start a drive that takes approximately 8-9 hours to fort portal district, home to Kibale forest national park that harbors 13 unique primate species and ranked as a primate world. You will have an enroute stopover for lunch before arriving at your lodge in the evening, ready for dinner and overnight as you anxiously wait for the next day’s activities.

Day 12: Chimpanzee trekking and visit Bigodi wetland

Rise up and enjoy energy-giving breakfast before driving to the park’s headquarters for an early morning briefing where the experienced park rangers will tell you an elaborate benefit of tracking chimpanzees, the dos and don’ts, as well as verifying the tracking documents.

After this assembly, a professional park ranger will guide you to the park for roughly 1-6 hours as you search for the giant apes that are busy feeding, playing and the mothers nursing their young ones. The trek is simple and upon finding the creatures, you will have one hour to watch the creatures carry on with the daily activities uninterrupted.

Drive to the lodge for lunch after which you will go to Bigodi swamp, one of the Ramsar sites in the country to watch some primates such as baboons and identifiable monkeys, plus birds and the locals carrying on with their daily activities such as farming among others. Dinner and overnight follow the entire experience.

Day 13:  Transfer to Semuliki National Park and Night Game Drive

Semuliki is one of the most virgin destinations in Uganda, tiny but with several treasures that best suits every traveler, it is the most recommendable destination for a night game viewing safari in the country with various mammals, both small and big freely roaming in the dark.

As early as possible, get done with your breakfast meal and start a 4-5hour smooth drive to Semuliki national park where you will have an exciting and rewarding game viewing experience in the wilderness.

Arrival will be in the afternoon when you will get served with lunch then you relax a bit before going for a night game drive experience where you will have to a chance of spotting some mammals such as the mongoose, elephants, lions and hyenas among others, let dinner and a nap follow the activity.

Day 14: Morning game drive and afternoon nature walk

You will start your day with a delicious breakfast, after which you will drive to the wilderness for a rewarding game viewing experience with an open chance of watching your long-sought after mammal, bird and floral species in the 4-5-hour game drive challenge.

The commonly sighted mammals, include the elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, giraffes, and warthogs among others, however, chance can come your way and you spot a lion, leopard, or hyena during the quest.  Enjoy a mouth-watering picnic lunch after which you will rest a little before, having a guided nature walk to the Sempaya Hot springs.

The female magical hot spring that can boil an egg to the point of eating and is believed to be in a position of curing some illness, watch it as you take photos and later drive to your lodge for dinner and overnight

Day 15: Drive to Mount Rwenzori National Park for hiking adventure

Enjoy a heavy breakfast before checking out of the lodge for a 3-4-hour drive to Mount Rwenzori national park for a brief hiking experience. There is a lot to watch during the drive such as the locals grazing their long-horned cattle, homesteads and backdrop of the mountain ranges.

Arrive in the afternoon, have lunch and head for a brief talk on hiking at the park’s headquarters after which you will start a 5-6-hour hike to the first campsite where you will have dinner and a nap. This walk comes with a lot to see such as the Bakonzo people and homesteads, the three-horned chameleon, some primates and bird species such as the Rwenzori Turaco

Day 16: Explore Mount Rwenzori National Park (Nature walks)

The rewarding moment never stops as it makes you compile memories after memories, the excitement is counted at every stage and step you make as you descend and ascend the mountain of the moon. The guide will not leave you bored but rather keep you soaked with interesting reality and historical stories concerning the ice-capped mountain.

This day starts with breakfast then 5 hours of exploring the mountain as you see different water tributaries, the mountain peak and many more before having lunch then 3 hours with the Bakonzo people who will excite you with some of the thrilling stories you cannot find anywhere else.

Depending on the time that you will get done with the activities, choose to have dinner and overnight at the selected lodge.

Day 17: Depart Mount Rwenzori National Park to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Breakfast first, and then depart for Queen Elizabeth national park, the most visited in Uganda with plenty of unlimited treasures hidden in all its corners. The drive leaves behind the fascinating snow-capped mountain and proceeds through a smooth drive accompanied by snacks and an amazing conversation with your driver-guide.

Arrive after approximately 4 hours later and check into your room for some refreshment, then lunch and choose to either relax from the hiking or have a brief guided nature walk in the evening before dinner and a nap.

Day 18: Morning game drive and boat cruise experience along Kazinga channel

As the sun rises, so do you but first with breakfast that will give you energy to carry on with the game drive activity in the wilderness, followed by the actual 3-4-hour game drive opportunity as you search for the different mammals such as hippos, elephants, leopards, giraffes, Antelopes and many more not forgetting to glance at several tree and bird species roaming around the area as though they have a deadline to meet.

You will have a picnic lunch after which you will go for a boat cruise opportunity at Kazinga channel, home to huge schools of hippos and a large selection of crocodiles yarning and feeding by the lakeshore.

Together with mammals and birds having a rest and relaxing giving you an open chance of taking as many photos as possible.

Day 19: Depart Queen Elizabeth national park for Bwindi Impenetrable national park

Start your day with breakfast before embarking on a drive to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, home to a quarter of the world surviving mountain gorillas living in a true jungle beneath the Virunga ranges.

The drive has an enroute stop at the Ishasha sector where you will have the opportunity of spotting the tree climbing lions either on the ground or resting on the tree branches, during or after a hunt, lunch will be at this point.

After lunch, you will proceed with the journey to your lodge in Ruhija sector where you will do your mountain gorilla trekking from. As such enjoy your drive while having clear views of vegetation and the rolling hills of the Virunga ranges, arrive late in the evening for dinner and overnight.

Day 20: Mountain gorilla trekking and nature walk to the Batwa villages

Very early in the morning, you will pack all the tracking documents, put good hiking boots and full tracking combat then head to the park for a pre-trekking briefing that starts at 8:00 am, when you join other colleagues in the same venture.

The briefing session lasts for approximately 30 minutes after which you are allocated a gorilla family and a park ranger to lead you to the Jungle, where you will have either a lengthy or short tracking period depending on how far the apes have moved.

This can be roughly 4 or more hours, with one separate hour given to you upon finding the creatures, to watch the giant silverback, mothers feeding their young ones, and the entire family play, fight and grumble with each other, only waiting for a silverback to come and settle the dispute.

Thereafter, you will have lunch, and then you will visit the Ruhija Batwa community where you will visit the native villages and many more interesting places in the community as well as engaging in different dances, traditional songs, etc. before getting back to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 21: Depart to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for an encounter with the Batwa community

After breakfast, you will drive to yet an interesting national park in Uganda, a prime habitat to the mountain gorillas, though this time, you are not going to track these Apes, but rather track the Golden monkeys.

The drive takes 2-3 hours with interesting views of the backdrop of Virunga ranges, plenty of flora and much more located along the way.

Upon arriving at the park, you will enjoy lunch before going for an authentic and unforgettable cultural encounter with the Batwa pygmies who will entertain you with their traditional songs, show you different cave and tell several unique stories.

The Batwa pygmies were forest inhabitants who left a life of gathering and wandering, not until they were relocated, but have resisted modernity and kept the legacy of their forefathers. You will get back to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 22: Golden monkey trekking and Transfer to Lake Mburo national park

As the birds sing to the glory of a new day, so will you rise, take your tea and drive to the park’s headquarters for a golden monkey pre-trek briefing by experts who after, will guide you to the jungle for the quest for this very attractive creature, with dressing on a golden coat but repeatedly violating the rules of a coat by swiftly jumping from one tree branch.

Upon finding them, don’t be puzzled when the camera is not grabbing the best shot because due to their body sizes and playful nature, how swift you are save you. Golden monkeys are so unique, clever, and complex.

Return to the lodge for lunch after which you check out and drive to your last national park in the country, Lake Mburo national, the smallest of all the ten parks but very rewarding when it comes to adventure. Lunch will be served enroute while on the 5-6-hour drive where arrival will be in the evening for dinner and overnight.

Day 23: Morning Game Drive and Nature walk

Start with the first meal of the day, breakfast, followed by a rewarding 3-4-hour game drive experience with no predators but only preys. You will stand a chance of spotting the impalas, antelopes, giraffes, Buffaloes among others roaming around the wild, and meet the biggest antelope on earth, the eland, as well as Impalas, Uganda kobs, waterbucks, reedbucks, etc. 

Have lunch before an afternoon guided nature walk by a very knowledgeable guide who will take you to a very scenic trail with unique tree species, photographic spots, a few harmless mammals, and not so many birds singing as they fly from one tree branch to another.

Sum up the day with dinner and overnight

Day 24: Cycling experience and drive to Kampala. Visit the Kasubi tombs 

After breakfast, you will join a group of young men and women on a cycling tour around the park, stretching your legs on a bicycle till when you are exhausted. After which you will return to the lodge, pack all your belongings and make a smooth drive to Kasubi tombs, where Buganda kings were buried.

The drive lasts for approximately 3-4 hours, with a lunch stop before arriving at the tomb where a guide will explain to you the history of Buganda, its kings who have been buried there and their role in the colonial error. Thereafter, you will proceed with your drive to the Hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 25: Reptile village and Departure

Start your day with a delicious cup of coffee, and pack your luggage in case you have a flight at Entebbe international airport. The driver guide will take you to the reptile village where you will have the opportunity of watching different rescued reptiles such as chameleons, snakes, tortoise, and many more. Head for lunch in Entebbe before saying goodbye to Uganda, the pearl of Africa!

End of the safari.