Interestingly, everyone has a dream destination, and that destination is Africa; Kenya in particular is a perfect place for relaxing, enjoying honeymoon, birding, cultural experience or wildness adventure among others, though the main hindrance is always high expenditure and the ignorance of how to reach your dream destination at a cheaper cost. The good news is that instead of spending over 400usd for a simple safari, follow our guidance and spend as low as 170usd while enjoying some of the unforgettable trips anyone can ever think of, blended with a mixture of sightseeing, game viewing, birding, cultural encounter, nature walks and nightlife.

Kenya Is one of the gifted countries on earth located in east Africa with some of the most modern infrastructures, shopping places, good road network, trusted security, recommendable climate, a wide range of flora and fauna. It is also known for her beautiful beaches spread across the shores of the Indian ocean, different bird species, unique aquatic life, delicious cuisine, authentic cultures and very hospitable people. The common dialect used here is Kiswahili, but English can also help pass on information, so don’t be shy to ask for any form of help if need be. Kenya is bordered by Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.