Strange but true, have you ever thought of visiting a destination that seems to be open to only the rich, famous or privileged? yes, now is the time to grab an offer of a budget safari tailed to your pocket as you head out to Rwanda, a country defined by beauty, cleanliness, and countless hills. Not so many people will relate Rwanda to any other adventure besides its prime activity, the mountain gorilla trekking, that despite its fame, it is the most expensive costing 1500usd as compared to the counterparts, Uganda at 700usd and the Democratic Republic of Congo at 400usd with the same creatures yet charging a much lower cost.

But wait a minute, basing on our expert knowledge, we are ready to present to you different options to choose from without breaking your bank in a country with excellent accommodations, conference and meeting points, classic transportation system and so much more. To begin with, a budget safari to Rwanda is a wonderful gift to the general public, students, honeymooners, families, primate lovers, birders, nature lovers and adventurer seekers, heading out to the wilderness of Akagera national park, Nyungwe, and volcanoes national park to participate in several activities.