1 Day Mabamba Wetland Tour

1 Day Mabamba Wetland Tour

In this 1 day safari to Mabamba swamp, expect an all birding experience, adventure and amazing time. Mabamba wetland is one of the Ramsar sites recognized internationally, it is situated by the shorelines of Lake Victoria as you head to the western part of Uganda. It is a famous hub for the shoebill stork, a famous type of bird that can only be found here and in other three African’s countries – Zambia, Rwanda and South Sudan.

The uniqueness of this destination is that your trip is flavored with a boat trip, that connects you from Entebbe to Mabamba wetland, so in case you had not been in a canoe for a long period, then expect fun and another sort of experience since the adventure starts as soon as you step foot at the canoe, the imaginations that fill up your thoughts, and how much your eyes will be fed.

Detailed Trip

Day one: Entire day at Mabamba wetland and Return

Very early in the morning, wake up to a very hot breakfast and briefing from our expert company representative who will tell you what you should expect during the trip; thereafter, embark on an hour’s journey to Entebbe in case you are in Kampala, trying hard to dodge jam and reach in time.

When you arrive at the shoreline of Lake Victoria, you will get to a motorized canoe, accompanied by an expert birding guide who will take you to the most suitable location of spoting the different bird species roaming around the dense papyrus plants such as the sought for shoebill, swamp flycatcher, blue breasted Bee eater, Grey-rumped swallow, Yellow billed Duck, Angola swallow, African Jacana, Grey-headed Gull, Weyns’s weaver, Madagascar Bee-eater, Hamerkop, Spur-winged Lapwing, Black-winged Stilt, Red-billed fire finch, Spur-winged Goose, Little Stint, Common Squacco Heron, and Malachite Kingfisher among others.

When you are done exploring the wetland, visit Nkima forest located on the hill overlooking the Mabamba wetland, have picnic lunch as you watch some of the resident birds and primates, and after drive back through Mpigi-Kampala highway.

 Equip yourself with an umbrella or rain coat because it can rain any time on the shores of L. Victoria, carry a professional camera and a good lens, sun hat, sunscreen and binoculars to see distant birds and objects since some parts of the wetlands cannot be easily accessed with a dugout canoe.

End of 1 day tour to Mabamba wetland.