1 Day Entanda Cultural Tour

1 Day Entanda Cultural Tour

Cultural experiences differ from one culture to another, new people, new dance style, food, beverage and history among others. Uganda has over 57 unique tribes with different cultures but an opportunity to visit a Baganda based culture experience in Entanda community in Kijjude village, Mityana district which is 80kms from Uganda’s city center and approximately two hours’ drive from Kampala, will leave you very amazed and excited.

The local meaning of the word “Entanda” was derived from a Luganda word that means a “present” you give to someone whom you care for and love. Some of the moments you will not want to forget after the trip to Entanda cultural community includes though not limited to the thrilling drum beats that welcome you to the community, the fresh organic fruits such as the sugar cane, Jackfruits, mangoes, Honey and many more that you will eat and pack if you can, the Hunting expedition at the forest, educative and informative sex talk by Sengas (Aunties) and Kojjas (Uncles), Tree planting which gives you a chance of naming a tree after your name, Local food preparation to the ladies, Dancing and rope swinging, dressing classes, and football match with the community team that ends with goat roasting.

Detailed Itinerary

Early in the morning, have a hefty breakfast at either your accommodation or residence, thereafter the driver guide will pick you up, for the two hours’ journey. starting it by raising your spirit during the briefing session where you will be told what to expect during the cultural experience. You will pass through the Busy Kampala town, while sighting some fascinating buildings and get down to Mityana tarmac road then connect to the Maram road that leads you to Kijjude village.

The drum sounds, singing and jubilation will be the format of welcome as soon as you arrive at the place, followed by a briefing where you will be told more of the community organization and activities done. Thereafter, men will be separated from ladies, as they will be taken for a hunting expedition, assigning each one a hunting tool as they head out to the forest, led by experienced knowledgeable guides with their dogs, who have mastered the sounds, footsteps, and smell of these animals. Basing on the background of this community as hunters, this is meant to preserve the wildlife.

Whereas the traditional women remain with the ladies to teach them how to prepare a traditional meal (chicken Luwombo), right from the start of the cooking session, peeling and wrapping bananas among others; Thereafter, the Sengas will take them to the bush for a traditional cultural bedroom talk where discussions are centered on how to care and please their husbands.

As the men return from the hunting experience, the whole group will converge, enjoy the traditional dances and drama by the entertaining traditional dancers and permission is granted you wish to join the group to dance or play some local instruments. Later enjoy the different fruits such as Jackfruits, avocado, oranges, pawpaw, watermelons, wild berries and guavas among others, that you will be served, eat everything and pack if you don’t mind, as other people may engage in rope swing and onboard games as they wait for lunch to be served.

Have lunch, then after, men will be taken to the Bush by the expert Kojjas to be taught Bedroom matters and traditional family issues for approximately one hour. The session is covered with laughter, Jokes, and demonstrations that you do not have to miss out.

Thereafter, engage in tree planting session before heading out to the pitch to encounter the local community team in case you can form a team, this game climaxes with a goat roasting session. When all is set and done, drive back to either Kampala or your residence or departure via Entebbe airport.

End of 1 day Entanda cultural safari