Traveling to unique and attractive destinations on earth is everyone’s wish, but when it comes to financing, few people keep their dream alive, especially when traveling to Africa with plenty of endless treasures from the east to the west, north to south. As such, many people attribute safaris to these destinations as very expensive. It is important to appreciate that the offers and activities to engage in such as primate trekking, cultural adventure, game viewing, and Birding among others are very rewarding and cheap if you choose to undertake a budget travel experience.

In case of a budget safari to Uganda, once described as the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill who was amazed by the magnificent beauty and wonder he saw in this tiny landlocked country, gifted with matchless flora and fauna, mountains, happy people with diverse cultures, magnificent sceneries, rich history, significant water bodies and many more. There are some basic tips we can share with you so as to travel no matter the question of if the money you have can be enough for your travel. After all, in Uganda, there is value for money.